Interesting blogs

In Dolce Merda, I suspect the person behind this bog is very creative and artistically gifted. I believe the blog tries to draw attention from businesses so it can develop advertising promotions or even logos for those businesses. At first, the blog was confusing, but after browsing the site for awhile I picked up on the gist of it. The blog creatively grasps the readers attention and after looking it over for awhile, the reader can explore all the options the site has to offer.

Brain Pickings looks like a blog that intends to post thought provoking ideas and get readers to think with a different mindset and from a different perspective. The blog posts poems, pictures, and some literary works that make readers think about the deeper meanings in the messages being displayed. The quotes and pictures that are posted are easily related to every day life.

As the title suggests, Illustration Friday is a blog with many pictures that express feelings and emotions. I am not very artsy so I found Brain Pickings slightly more interesting than this one. However, some of the pictures did grasp my attention. It is a blog that tries to bring out the creativity in it’s readers as the readers can post whatever they choose to the site.

Chris Brogan’s blog is one that works toward business owners and developing their business. He aims to deliver power messages that enhance a businesses leadership and strategy. He also discussed social media and how they frequently change. He also highlights on how the sites are becoming more personalized to the user’s choosing.

Style Pantry was, unsurprisingly, about fashion. It displays the author and her style as a classy business woman, but not a traditional, bland one. She wears multiple colors in her style and makes her appear as a fun-loving business woman. I find that this blog is very popular as it posts about up-to-date styles in society.

The first blog post in Dreamscape Diary discusses an award the author received and how the author felt great about receiving it. In my honest opinion, I think the award is well deserved. The teacher earned an award for innovation and how this class is organized and set up, it is an accomplishment fairly earned. I mean how easy can it be to effectively connect students from the US and Ireland to not only interact with one another, but learn together? Not easy, and definitely not common.


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