Exploring blogs

Looking through the recommended blogs tab I found two areas that I am always fond of…..food and humor.

The first blog I looked through is titled ‘The Highest Form of Whit’ which posts about various things people experience in their every day life and humorously pokes fun at how we handle situations. One post I read on the blog was about our anxiety and over thinking and how it prevents us from sleeping at times. It dramatically mocks our brain and how it over analyzes every little aspect in our life. As I read the article I found it more and more relatable as this is exactly what I do when I am stressed. I laughed at how similar it was to my own life and how silly it made me look!

The second blog I read was a blog called ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ which was put together by a family of four (mom, dad, and two young children). The first post that popped up was about how they spent Super Bowl Sunday and the cook off they had between the dad and son versus the mom and daughter. It went through all their activities from that day and creatively built up to the winner of their competition. I found it fun to read the about the family fun they had while also watching in amazement the delicious food they prepared.


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