Second Life and Group Work

My group and I decided that the best way to communicate with one another is through Second Life by messaging each other when we can meet up and meeting at that time to discuss what works needs to get done. We visited three different places in Brazil, Sculptie Paradise, and Morphe Northwinds.

In Brazil, the place was really upbeat and lively. There was a lot of other people there exploring the area too. Brazil had a beach that was a part of what seemed to be a downtown/boardwalk type of place. The downtown had many shops with people exploring the various store it had to offer. There was a lot of shops with art paintings and sculptures in them. I was surprised with the amount of advertising there was. There was a ton of billboards and posters hung up to promote businesses. Music was playing non stop which gave the area a lively and pleasant setting.

In Sculptie Paradise, it was a very frustrating and confusing game. My avatar was placed in a maze and as soon as you chose one path to take, a wall would close that would force you to change direction. After trying the maze for almost 10 minutes, I gave up on it and went to the next location.

Morphe Northwinds was a replica of the industrial era. There were old fashioned industries with smokes stacks constantly puffing out smoke into the air. Also, the roads and walk ways were brick styled and the atmosphere was a gloomy, fogging green. There were no other people here so it was easy to assume this is not a well liked place, most likely due to it’s gloomy mood. All of the buildings were also old fashioned as they were what you would imagine when thinking of the industrial era.


2 thoughts on “Second Life and Group Work

  1. Good details on the places you visited – but photos would be a big help for us to see a portion of the place. There are many dystopia builds in SL. And just because there are no people there does not mean it is not liked – it may simply mean that the people who use the place come at a different time. Remember, this is a world-wide environment.
    Your group is going to communicate through SL. Is this the only way you will communicate, or just the main way? Why did you choose SL instead of other means?


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