Social Media in the Workplace

With today’s technology and heavily reliance on the internet, companies have found that social networking sites have proven to be a useful tool to help anyone promote themselves and their businesses. In the Wall Street Journal article, Your Employee is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do? it shows how employees social networking sites can be a good and even bad thing for a business and how businesses should monitor and handle their employees online sites. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are widely used and popular websites for people to connect and interact in. Sites like these can be used to effectively advertise and promote a business.

I do not see too many problems with a business using social media as an advertising tool. The problems I do see involve the company evaluating and managing what is appropriate and not appropriate for employees to post. The company would have to come up with strict guidelines and rules for employees on what is acceptable to post and make sure the tweets or statuses promoted the business in the same way the business wants to be promoted without social media.

I believe that with using social media as an advertising tool, job opportunities for students in my generation would open up. Seeing as my generation is the one that has used social media more than any other, students can show their knowledge of technology and show employers that they are comfortable operating these sites. All in all, I feel that with smart and strict guidelines on social media posts, companies will find that online posts and advertising will boost the brand and reputation of the business.


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