SL Interactions

Roaming around SL, I discovered interesting facts about those I encountered. The first place I visited was a sports-centric area that I thought would lead me to others who were just as passionate about sports as I was. I talked to a lady from Norway who actually created the place I visited. She talked about her and her friends enjoyed creating things and decided to make their own place in SL. In her little Island, visitors can play on the sports courts (basketball, volleyball, curling, etc) and go on the beach to relax and interact with others. There were various stores where you could gaze through art, sports topics, and clothes. She was kind enough to give me a few of her clothing designs as she was disgusted with my current, boring appearance. As thoughtful as it was, we could not figure out how to change my appearance. It was too bad because I was really looking forward to seeing her designs! (excuse my nude bottom….SL has not been loading great lately for me)

The second place I visited was an Island in Brazil. I figured there would be other people my age there, maybe even taking a college course, since a beach is what attracts most 19-25 year olds. I met a girl named Destiny who is from London. As I predicted, she is also a college student studying English Literature. I was having a nice conversation with her until some jerk named Luis came and picked her up in his car! Not going to lie, I was not happy she just abruptly ended our conversation. Not cool. But the Island itself was fairly nice. There was good music, a handful of other people from around the world (I briefly met a man Ramon from Spain), and the beach was beautifully built.


One thought on “SL Interactions

  1. I’m glad you found some nice places – I’m sorry the pictures are not in the blog (not sure why).
    And we can talk about how to revise your avatar – it may be something simple that you are not aware of.


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