My initial thoughts and impressions on this class at the beginning of the semester are almost the same as the ones I have know. After taking this course, my frustration with technology and relying on it to get classwork done is at an all time high. I went through this course day by day thinking I was always doing something wrong or thinking I was missing some important details of the class. A large part of this problem, I think, stems from the fact I was unable to attend the weekly class meetings in SL due to practice. Communication was the biggest challenge for me. It was hard to remember to continually check my email, our virtual environment website, and Facebook to keep up with the course work and my group members. I also found it was challenging to accomodate everyones time schedule. Numerous times my group found ourselves meeting together in SL and 1 or 2 of us were not able to get there. Even though we were able to forward what was discussed and accomplished in our meetings to our other group members, it is still easier to have everyone together. I think that having a class in a traditional classroom setting would have eased many of my frustrations.

Speaking specifically about the final project, I do like the idea behind it. Using on online forum to promote a cause. I think that it is something that with a lot of work and devoted personal could create a big impact in society. The project reminded me of the ALS Bucket Challenge that sparked a national and worldwide scale and helped spread awareness on ALS and raised a ridiculous amount of money. This all was possible because of a simple, fun idea that spread like wildfire over all social networking sites. I thought this is something similar to what my group tried to achieve on SL. We sent out roses and asked people to pass them along to others. While we were not nearly as successful as the Bucket Challenge, we got the idea behind what we were doing.

I do not think the class was the worst thing ever. Despite my many frustrations with the course, I do think it was important for me to take. Computers and computer communication is something our generation is heading towards and relying on. This course helped me deal with the reality of what I will most likely be dealing with in the future. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology and it is only a matter of time until business meetings are held in a forum such as SL. Some where down the road I am sure I will have to use a computer as my main source of communication in whatever it is I end up doing.


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